Thanksgiving in Amarillo

This is an example of one of the amazing things that you may encounter on 287 while driving through West Texas.


Many find this journey boring and uneventful, but not me. It was completely opposite for me. I couldn’t keep my mind from wandering from scene to scene imagining how I would pose the couple, child or senior that I was photographing. There were so many amazing things, it started to hurt my brain, and then my heart… It was so hard to be around such amazing backgrounds and not have a subject to shoot! I’ve already decided next Thanksgiving I’m going to work my tail off to book portrait sessions all along 287. If your up for it, I’ll go ahead and put you down for November 2010.










I guess the grass is always greener on the other side, but I REALLY want to move to West Texas now. If Dan was out of school and all that drove our living destination was taking awesome photos, I’m pretty sure we would end up living out on a farm somewhere on 287. Well, at this point in time at least. Our minds change constantly. After the round of weddings in Colorado this December we will probably have a new destination to move to!




What I would have given to have a senior to pose with this orange bug and a couple of cute kids to pose with these wagons!


Seriously. November 2010. Think about it.

Onward with family stuff. So here are my parents! Hi Mom and Dad! (They don’t really like getting their picture taken, that doesn’t really work out well for having me as their daughter).


IMG_7250Breakfast really put a smile on our faces :)


I have a large extended family, which I am thankful for. We range in age from in the womb to upper 80′s

IMG_7267and there is food for everyone.


IMG_7320Dan and I have started what is now a 2 year tradition of going out to Palo Dura Canyon. This year we discovered a really cool hike that is only 30 minutes and takes you to the center of the canyon. Pretty cool…



IMG_7312We got there right around sunset. Yes, this picture is a tad blurry, but it wouldn’t auto-focus and you can see why I don’t trust myself manually focusing. I just had to leave it in because of the colors. It was stunning.



This is Dan telling me where we can build our house. Yes, there are many things “wrong” with this dream. Stability of the foundation, hikers coming in our living room, carrying the groceries in from the car which is parked 15 miles away… All minor things really.


Until next year, we’ll keep dreaming. –Hey, don’t forget my offer–November 2010. West Texas people I know you’re out there!


  1. Jackie Robinson says

    You can take my picture any time – you make me look good! Mom
    And as for November 2010, I think we start planning now for family portraits somewhere along 287!

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