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Noah & Cassidy get an extra long blog entry because they deserve it for braving the freezing cold. Especially Cassidy. I don’t know how she was able to look so warm and comfortable! It was a cold and rather dreary day, but I’m so glad we went ahead with the session. Without further adieu…












Cassidy’s hands were so cold!




This picture shows the true temperature of the day. I also feel like it belongs on a Ski Lodge/Resort advertisement. I’m not sure why, but it just has that feel.


Dogs and a field, two of my favorite things!


These pups are definitely lickers.


Just in case you need a closer view:


I love this picture so much. Mostly because I can totally relate to it. I have been licked many-a-time on the nose by my pups. The worst is when they aim for the mouth. Eck!


Happy family to be!

This next part is more of a PSA. The stockyards are not only useful for amazing backgrounds for engagement pictures, oh no my friends, they are also one of Fort Worth’s biggest attractions. So if you are new to the area or even if you’ve lived here your whole life (like myself), it’s fun to go. The rodeo/stock show will only be around for a little while longer (mid-Feb?). While I am not a “hardcore” Texan, I will say that I do enjoy the stock show and rodeo. In fact, we’re going with my family in a few weeks. Dan and I would really like to move out of the city and onto some land one day, possibly in Colorado, and have a few animals, so part of me enjoys looking at the animals as if we we’re actually about to buy a horse, cow, or chickens. HOWEVER, I must tell you that my absolute favorite part about the stock show is the Exhibit Hall, full of random crafts, As-Seen-On-TV items, and crazy salesmen giving away free things and trying to sell you the “World’s Best Knife.” And yes, as of last year’s visit to the stock show, I am a proud owner of the “World’s Best Knife.” It truly is amazing. If ever we find ourselves in an emergency, we can cut ourselves out of our house.  Can’t wait to see what this year’s great find will be!

I got distracted…ok, to re-cap, the Fort Worth Stockyards are open year-around and are a fabulous place for family portraits, engagement pictures or child portraits but the Stock Show and Rodeo is only here in January and February. The Stock Show itself is enough to fill an entire day, the Rodeo is just an added bonus at the end.

Fort Worth Stock Show

3400 Crestline Road
Fort Worth, TX 76107
(817) 877-2420

Fort Worth Stockyards

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  1. Dieu says

    Great engagement pictures! I like the blogs with extra photos. In the ones where they were jumping, they looked like they were levitating! Keep up the good work!

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