Josh + Leslie Engaged

Meet Josh and Leslie.

Leslie and I have been friends for a long time. Like, since middle school. Unfortunately, life has not always lead us to live in the same city, but I am thankful to still call her friend today. I had heard rumors of Josh, but this was my first time meeting him. Leslie had talked with me a while ago about photographing her wedding and when I found out I was pregnant I can honestly say that among the many thoughts and concerns that popped in my head, one of them was, “I just know Leslie is going to get engaged and married right around my due date”. …Well, guess what? I was right. I am SO happy for you Leslie but so sad I won’t even be able to attend your wedding. Luckily fellow photog Rachel DeBell will be there to capture your special day and I cannot wait to see the pictures!

Do you see why I am so sad about missing this upcoming event?

Congratulations Josh and Leslie! Josh, I promise the next time we hang out I won’t bring my camera.


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