Happy New Year!

My business has been so blessed by the year 2010, it seemed only fitting that I ended the year photographing yet another amazing wedding. (If you attended Roth and Stephanie’s wedding, Stephanie’s Bridals and the Photobooth pictures will both be posted here soon, so check back!)

I wanted to take a few moments to reflect on 2010 and look forward to the future, and if you follow my blog you know I am a huge fan of lists…so here we go!

In 2010…

  • I transitioned from part time to full time photographer
  • I celebrated my first year of marriage to my beloved, Dan! (who – I should add – is so kind and gracious to second shoot with me at weddings from time to time even though he has many many other things to do…)
  • I photographed 14 weddings from May-December (since going full time photography)
  • Dan and I were in 2 additional weddings (bringing my grand total up to 16 weddings this year)
  • I have only been using ShootQ for a few months, and I got tired of trying to figure up how many portrait sessions I did this year, I stopped counting at 30…so we we’ll just say, over 30 portrait sessions.
  • We were broken into. Twice.
  • We recovered. Twice.
  • We traveled all over the country for Dan’s residency interviews.
  • We bought a car in Vegas.
  • We moved.
  • We laughed. We danced. We had a good time.

All in all, 2010 has been amazing.

Looking forward to 2011, this is the year that:

  • Dan graduates from medical school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy Jesus, Thank you LORD!!
  • We stop taking out school loans and start paying them off.
  • We move to an unknown location for Dan’s residency… We find out March 17. Kind of exciting, kind of crazy.
  • Layla turns 3 and Clementine turns 2 (our dogs). This is important because I am really hoping Clementine stops chewing things when she is officially done with her first two “puppy” years!
  • We laugh. We dance. We have a good time.

Thank you to all of my 2010 clients for making my year so wonderful. I loved being a part of all of your weddings, family portrait sessions, senior pictures etc… One of the favorite things about photography is getting to meet so many unique and wonderful people. I have been blessed by all of you and I pray that 2011 will be a great year for all of us.

Peace to you all.

P.S. Don’t forget to check back soon for Photobooth Pics from Stephanie and Roth’s Wedding!

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