Today begins the Grand Opening of my new ordering system, which is coupled with a re-vamped blog and website! I am so excited about this new system and I think you will be too. To help with the transition, I have made a few instructional videos as well as a FAQ page. If you have any questions, please check out those first. I love emails, but because off business things I have fallen behind with photography things… I have sessions gallore to edit and post, so you might find your answer quicker by watching the videos or reading through the FAQ page.

A few things you will notice about the blog…

-I now have my Gear listed under “Links” as well as Gear that I recommend to beginning photographers

-The Client Agreement, Pricing, Design and Photobooth info are now available in PDF format! You can download and print. These are located under “Info”-”The 411″

-You can sign up for RSS feed, which means you can receive my blog posts in your email or on your Google home page (or other preferred host) as soon as I post so you won’t miss out on any sales or goodies

speaking of which…Sale

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