David & Molly’s Shower

My brother and law is getting married at the end of June! and then moving 3 minutes from our house! Game night EVERY NIGHT!

The my crazy aunt (in-law..i mean in-love) Sue above, and my crazy mother-in-love below. Good crazy of course

I just loved their quilt. Oh my goodness…my new motivation to teach the dogs to sleep in their bed and not ours.

They registered for some way cute stuff…it was hard to not take any of it home with me.

Yay for shower number 1 ! Shower number 2 soon to follow. I am so looking forward to ATTENDING their wedding this summer. It will be a much needed rest after the craziness that is becoming my wedding season. This is my first real wedding season, as in back to back weddings for three months, check in with me in September and see if I’m still alive.

Love you David and Molly, so thankful for you guys!


  1. David says

    so thankful for you too! these are pretty amazing pictures. and i’m glad you didn’t take any of it home with you, because you are welcome to come over and see it all for yourself anytime.

    ps, we got an ice cream machine. i propose an ice cream making competition beginning the second week of July.

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