David + Molly: The Engagement {fort worth engagement photographer}

Rarely do I get to capture the actual engagement, but this weekend my brother-in-law got engaged! As I was crouched down behind a tree waiting for them to arrive, I was reminded of the first couple that I photographed. I hadn’t thought about this in a while, and I have no idea why because it’s a great story! My sophomore year in High School I was in Paris visiting family and a guy (20-ish) asked me to take a picture with his camera of him and his girlfriend. As I was taking the picture, he got down on one knee and proposed. Immediately I started snapping the camera, I caught on quick! I was so excited to tell people about how I was the one that caught that special moment on camera. I realize they could have asked anyone, but regardless, I really think that moment impacted me. Though I haven’t thought about it in years, I wonder if that was really the start of my career as a photographer…Well, enough about me. On to the good stuff!

MollyandDavid_Engagement_1David proposed in Waco on Baylor University’s campus.MollyandDavid_Engagement_3It happened to also be homecoming, so of course all of the flowers were green and gold.MollyandDavid_Engagement_12I was not allowed to use the flash. …for obvious reasons I guess…

Congratulations David and Molly, we are super excited to have another Leverenz!

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