Clementine, Layla & The Sprinkler

Because they bring so much joy to my heart…

My dogs might be slightly crazy at times, but they are way fun.

There are 80 more where these came from. I just kept clicking. Clementine is the QUEEN of chasing the sprinkler. She prefers the water hose and sprayer nozzle (with you playing with her directly, of course) but if I’m feeling lazy she will settle for the sprinkler. Layla is less enthusiastic than Clementine, but she still gets plenty wet.

I’ve been trying to spend extra time with them lately since they will have to share time pretty soon. I’m not sure if that will make the transition for them harder or easier… hmmm…..

And just in case you needed a little more, I have uploaded a video of the live action. Sorry, no fun music or anything.


Clementine, Layla & The Sprinkler from Kate Leverenz on Vimeo.


  1. Jackie Robinson says

    Layla keeps trying to enjoy it as much as Clem – but I’m just not sure anyone can enjoy it as much as Clementine does!

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