River 6 Months


River's 6 month birthday was yesterday and Dan actually had the day off so we celebrated! First we went to the aquarium and looked at all of the fun fish. This was River's second time to go to the Texas State Aquarium here in Corpus. Well...third if you count the wedding that I shot there when I was pregnant. It was ... Continue Reading

River 5 Months


River is 5 months! Actually, at this point he is almost 6 months. We've been gone for two weeks and I am just now processing all images which include River's 5 month pictures. Grandpa (my dad) has been teaching River how to fly. Unfortunately, he tries to take off quite a bit now. I dread the day he figures out he ... Continue Reading

Going Away


River & I will be out of town for the next 2 weeks on business. I've got photo business to take care of and he has visiting grand and great-grandparent business to take care of. Layla, Clementine & Dan will be holding down the fort in CC while River and I travel to multiple states making our rounds. I'll still be ... Continue Reading

River, 4 Months


I can't believe it, our little River is 4 months old! We had a little family session today with my tripod for the occasion. It's been a while since I did a personal post. I just wanted to check in and say that things are settling in and life is beautiful. River started daycare which was a hard decision for me, but it has ... Continue Reading

Oh So Silly


I came across this picture today while looking through past senior sessions and it made me smile. I then checked my email and realized this weeks theme for I heart faces is "Oh So Silly". That was fitting. I haven't had time to participate in the I Heart Faces community in a while, so here I go! Dear Caitlin, You were the ... Continue Reading

Let Loose


I'm back from Fort Worth/Austin where I learned a very important lesson from a very intelligent almost 4-year-old: sometimes you just have to jump.   And, I learned another important lesson from an almost 2 year old: sometimes when things get crazy you just need to get out. This past week I did both. I ... Continue Reading

New Look for a New Year

You may notice my blogsite has taken on a new look. I am overjoyed with how my little website is turning out. Thanks so much to Into The Dark Room for this stellar design. There are still a few kinks and the post width is smaller than the post width of my old blog so I am forced to go back and resize all of the post images on ... Continue Reading

Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas from the Leverenz fam! I'll be out of the office for Christmas starting today through Jan 2. I will be responding to emails sporadically and via my phone, so it's best to not expect a legitimate reply until 2012. This is River saying, "Don't email my Mom until next year." He's kidding. You can totally email ... Continue Reading

Please vote!


Hey hey hey! So this is a totally lame request for you to go to Kelly Moore's blog and vote for Dan & I's Christmas Tree so I can win a camera bag. ...No I don't "need" another camera bag, but consider this your Christmas present to me :) Our tree is #9, the stop motion video! It's super easy to vote, just click and ... Continue Reading

Happy 2 Month Birthday River!


River is 2 months old! I both can and can't believe it. I know I said I would be posting personal things on my personal blog from now on....but it's River's birthday. I took over 100 pictures in this series and it was so hard to pick only 4 to share. I'll be posting MANY more on my personal blog, so if this isn't enough for ... Continue Reading