Blast from the Past {fort worth/dallas engagement photographer}

I am working on designing promotional cards and as I’ve been filtering through pictures to use, I came across this all-time favorite. This couple is now almost 6 months into marriage! I can’t believe it’s almost been 2 years since their engagement session! I also can’t believe all of the photos that will probably never make it to the blog because I can barely keep up with current blog postings. I LOVED Josh and Mary’s session. I think I will still count their pictures as some of my favorites years and years down the road.



  1. Amy says

    I can’t believe they’ve been married for six months. That seems so crazy! Do you still go to Waco for engagement pictures, or are you mostly just in Ft. Worth and Dallas now? There are so many cool locations in Waco that I can imagine it would be a hard place to give up.

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