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I had the privilege of second shooting a wedding with my friend Ann at the Duchman Winery in Austin Texas. Ann has been my second shooter a few times and it was fun to be on the other side of things. I haven’t been the assistant in a while and I have to admit, there was a part of me that enjoyed showing up with zero prep work. Second shooting may be my new thing.

I love the fun little moments.

It really was so fun to second shoot. This is an example of a moment that happened while Ann was arranging the next round of portraits. These are my favorite images from weddings, it was awesome to be the one actually taking the fun spontaneous images! It’s not that I don’t capture spontaneous moments when I am primary on weddings, but I am trying to make sure all of the “must have” shots are taken and often times my second shooter ends up with more fun random moments (like the one below) than I do.

This next series of images really makes me smile.

It really was a lovely ceremony and the weather was perfect. Only in Texas can you get married outside in January!

The Duchman winery has moved to my list of top 10 favorite wedding venues. I love the versatility of an outdoor ceremony with an indoor reception. So many venues offer one or the other and it’s important to have a back-up indoor location in case of in climate weather. The indoor facility at the winery is lovely and could have easily been a beautiful ceremony location as well. It also had an abundance of locations for outdoor portraits which is pretty much my #1 qualification for picking a venue. Most Brides already have venues picked out by the time they get to me, but if by chance they do not, I keep a list of my favorites around. Duchman Winery, welcome to the list!

Ali & Cole you had a lovely wedding. I’m so glad I was able to be a part of it. Aunt Kristy was also happy to spend some time with River while I was shooting. This was my first wedding back since having River which is one of the reasons I wanted to second shoot and take it slow. I will admit, it was hard. I checked my phone every hour for emergency text messages. He survived and I survived so I guess this means life goes on. My baby won’t be a baby for long… Have you noticed all of my posts somehow end up talking about River? I guess it’s a mom thing.

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