A brief photoshop tutorial…

I was asked by a random passer-by-er (sorry, my grammer is out of control, it drives my writer of a husband crazy!) to give some photoshop tips when I posted my first vintage/film/fade edit {not really sure what to call this little technique yet}. I’ve been working on a fun vintage session and decided to do a brief tutorial on how it’s done. Brief, because I am not explaining in detail layers, masks or any of the basics of photoshop–merely how I created the vintage, old film picture look. And…in case you are wondering…yes, I am still working on my actual photoshop tutorials which will go over all of the basics but this project is taking way longer than I had thought. I will get about 5 minutes through a video and then say something silly and then I have to edit the video which then becomes more work than just re-doing the whole thing… I love screen capture because at least my face isn’t in the video, but my voice still makes mistakes! It’s a very frustrating process. Anyways..so here is the pic straight off the camera RAW:

I import all of my photos using Bridge and then edit through Adobe Camera Raw and then on to Photoshop. I cheat and use a lot of shortcuts actions from TRA for color pop and sharpening. I am not ashamed. It’s not that I don’t know how to do it myself, it’s that it saves a TON of time. …and they have a really cool action sets for not much mula. (If you are thinking about buying, use the link above of this one RIGHT HERE so I can get a small little cut…). After I do my standard thing I decide if I want to do anything special like add textures or make the photo vintage. There is are a few ways of making the photo vintage, I usually desaturate it a bit and give it a slight yellow hew. Then, to create the faded old picture look along the sides of the pictures I create two layers and I drag one of the color balances all the way to red and the other all the way to either purple or blue. I invert the layer (do this buy clicking Command I on a mac) and then using the paintbrush tool (around 24%) I draw along the edges where you think an old photograph might fade over time. I do this with both of the layers of blue and red. You can adjust the colors after drawing if you think they are too much, or not enough at all. You can kind of see below what my mask looks like (follow the red arrow):

And then…Voila!

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