River’s Room


I'm so excited to share River's room with you! Technically it's not completely done. I have places reserved for pictures of him once he is here and I am still working on the fish wall, but for the most part we are ready for him! I was in between birch trees and a tree with blowing leaves for the wall behind his crib. It was a ... Continue Reading

What’s in a name?


*First let me point out that the above wedding post will remain "sticky" for a while so that this doesn't completely turn into my personal blog during the next month or so of only shooting myself and my baby.* I am 38 1/2 weeks right now which is really insane. We decided on our sweet baby's name a while ago but after you have ... Continue Reading

37 Weeks


Well, I can't believe it. I'm full term with our first baby boy. It seems like I have been pregnant forever (and really, I have been. Basically all of 2011 I have been pregnant) and yet, I can't believe it's time to have a baby! Eeek! I have learned and grown (no pun intended ;) so much from being pregnant. I first learned how ... Continue Reading

Clementine, Layla & The Sprinkler


Because they bring so much joy to my heart... My dogs might be slightly crazy at times, but they are way fun. There are 80 more where these came from. I just kept clicking. Clementine is the QUEEN of chasing the sprinkler. She prefers the water hose and sprayer nozzle (with you playing with her directly, of course) but if I'm ... Continue Reading

Fort Worth Wedding Photographer | Ryan + Ashlea Married


I am so excited to blog about Ryan and Ashlea's wedding at the Victory Arts Center in Fort Worth. I have treasured editing all of their images, as this is my last wedding for a while... I really do count myself blessed to have ended 2011 with this wedding. Though I have only been around Ryan and Ashlea for a brief time, I can ... Continue Reading

Josh + Leslie Engaged


Meet Josh and Leslie. Leslie and I have been friends for a long time. Like, since middle school. Unfortunately, life has not always lead us to live in the same city, but I am thankful to still call her friend today. I had heard rumors of Josh, but this was my first time meeting him. Leslie had talked with me a while ago about ... Continue Reading