A few updates..


First of all, Cans for Comments has ended. Thank you to the 1% of people who visited and commented :) I will be donating 33 cans to the Tarrant Area Food Bank in your honor. Secondly, change is coming.. Residency interviews are wrapping up. We have three more (of course by "we" I mean, Dan) and then we wait. We will find out on ... Continue Reading

A Field of Beauty


There is a certain sense of whimsical freedom conveyed by the above image. It is the same feeling that I get when I think of laying in a field of flowers with the sun beating down on my face or jogging barefoot in the sand along the beach. It is as if time has stopped and allowed, just for a moment, to be carefree. This, in many ... Continue Reading

Happy New Year!


My business has been so blessed by the year 2010, it seemed only fitting that I ended the year photographing yet another amazing wedding. (If you attended Roth and Stephanie's wedding, Stephanie's Bridals and the Photobooth pictures will both be posted here soon, so check back!) I wanted to take a few moments to reflect on 2010 ... Continue Reading