Eliza 8 Months

Eliza is 8 months old! I have been putting forth a great effort to use my “real” camera more with my children and even mores specifically with Eliza. I refuse to let the second child “thing” happen with her. You know the “thing” I’m talking about right? It is said that there are less photographs, less things jotted down, less in the memory book of the second child, or any child after the first. While that is actually the case with her (and with many other second, or third, or fourth children etc…) it is absolutely not out of lack of love! While I realize that and while I would hope she would realize that as well, I do really want to try and capture her itty-bitty-ness as much as I can. Eliza_8Months_ (23 of 26) I was actually talking to Dan about this a few days ago. It is absolutely not that you love your second, or third, or fourth child (again, etc…) less then the first, but we have this theory that one of the reason (besides having more time) Continue Reading

Alex Muir & Dini Mist


You know how just a few days ago I told you that we wouldn't be ready to add any animals on the farm until the spring? Well…that was only partially true. Please meet the two newest members of our family, Alex Muir ... Continue Reading

Our Family Summer Update


I'm truly sorry for my somewhat prolonged silence. Especially, after pledging to not be so silent. I have much vision and excitement for what is to come (with the blog, photography, doTERRA, Farm Revival, the Etsy ... Continue Reading

Essential Oil DIY Labels


This has been a long time coming for many of you. I apologize, because we have had them for a while but it has taken a while for Amy and I to coordinate. So, without further introductions….we give you, essential oil ... Continue Reading