The details

I posted yesterday with my giant disclaimer and a small glimpse into what life is like for us here so far. I have heard from some of you that this was just a tease. You want to see more. You know it’s just a giant mess right now, right? But alas…I did promise to share even the paint colors…so here goes. Our messy, but “beautiful new home” as River calls it. Wait – pause – just one more disclaimer before we get started (as if there weren’t enough in my previous post). It is hard to just start posting pictures of our beloved cabin, because pictures will not do it justice. We have dreamed of this place for years and when we found it we were baffled that it truly existed and that it could be our home. We still feel like we are living in vacation mode, but, we actually do feel very much like this is our home. It feels, almost if, it was built just for us. Not only is the house itself unbelievably perfect, but our land has a greenhouse, chicken coop mansion, barn, orchard and small grape vineyard. Also, there are blackberries and blueberries just shooting up randomly in the woods. Is this for real, or am I living in a Disney movie? Actually, I’m not even sure Disney could have designed something this perfect. Goodness…there is so much to explore. So much to share with you. But today, today we will start with the living room/entry way/kitchen/dining room, or just “Great Room” if you prefer that. This is our main living space on the middle floor. log_cabin_makeover We don’t have a tremendous amount of sheet rock because all of our exterior walls are wood. However, most of the interior walls are paintable sheet rock and so…they will of course be filled with color. The problem is, of course, that we LOVE bright colors and I don’t exactly want my house to look like a children’s museum. I do, however, want it to be bright and welcoming. Here is what we have so far… light grey on the main wall (we were going back and forth between grey and color pop and basically…Sherwin Williams had a 40% off sale this past weekend so we had to make a quick decision). We’ll do colors in the bedrooms, laundry room (you can see just a little of that in the top left picture) and in the back of the pantry (again, top left picture). The colors we went with are a deep purple, deep blue/teal, yellow and green. The color green we know we will love because it was River’s room color in our last home, but the other colors…we shall see. I guess we can always re-paint! We were going to hire a professional painter, but then we let our 2 year old convince us that he could paint the wall. Yes, for real. I’m not just saying that to be funny. So, I guess we will be painting this house ourselves. At least until we realize we are tired of painting! The great news is, there is no trim to paint in this house!!! Untitled-3 I realize that we are still in the honeymoon stages, but truthfully, we are just on cloud 900 here. We looked at moving ANYWHERE in the world an this is where we picked. We even looked at moving to New Zealand. (Parents, you can exhale, because we obviously ended up choosing against that option). We truly felt like this would be the “best of all worlds” place. Let me explain. We are living in Knoxville, TN. Though we have 15 acres, we can’t see our neighbors & we are on a well and septic tank – we are within city limits and I’m 15 minutes away from anything I could possibly need or want store or restaurant wise. Healthcare wise, we are 7 miles from Dan’s hospital and a 5 minute drive time if needed. The Starbucks is 12 minutes if traffic is awesome and I’m going slightly over the speed limit. 15 minutes if I’m a super citizen. Anthro, 15 minutes. Hard Knox Pizza, 14 minutes. The Little Gym 16 minutes. Parent’s Day Out for the littles, 4 minutes. You following me? We are not far off in the country away from civilization. It is still very much at our fingertips, and we have been living it up. Coming from Corpus Christi which has a very limited store/eating/cultural scene…this is just Bliss. Which, coincidentally, happens to be the name of a local store I have fallen in love with. Tomorrow we will be exploring the farmer’s market downtown at Market Square. We have been to Market Square a few times already and really enjoyed it. I’m sure it will be extra special with the farmer’s market present. (Do I sound like a newly wed or what…I’m just in love with my new city.) While we do love the city aspects of Knoxville, we also love the access we have to the Smoky Mountains. It took us 45 minutes from our front door, to be here (picture below) last weekend. _MG_9471 As per usual, Dan found a trail that was not on a map. He told me, “It’s a very minor incline, not really much altitude gain. A short little jog.” I never believe him. I know better. 1 hour of me cursing him under my breath and we ended up at a beautiful waterfall. Again, as usual, I end up thinking he is the coolest guy I know for finding these little trails that are off the map that no one knows about. …even we do sometimes get stuck in hail storms on the side of cliffs without cover… minor details… Luckily, we had great weather for this “little jog”. IMG_9510 IMG_9482 _MG_9501 _MG_9495 _MG_9491 _MG_9488 _MG_9469 _MG_9466 _MG_9452 _MG_9445 _MG_9443 We are trying to post daily to our @FarmRevival Instagram account. We are also in the process of acquiring the domain name. Some of you have asked how to follow our farm stories without an Instagram. The will actually be forwarding here, but under the “Simple Living” tab. The best way to make sure you don’t miss anything is to sign up for updates with your email address (to the right). Just enter your email and push “submit”. All new posts will be emailed to you. If you are on Instagram, we would love for you to not just follow, but to interact. If you go to the farmer’s market, tag us or #FarmRevival. Our whole reason for starting @FarmRevival is to inspire others to do and create their own farm, whatever that looks like for you. Maybe you can just handle an herb garden right now. That’s awesome! We want to hear about it.

One last order of business to take care of. I received a request (after my last post) to produce an image of myself with dreadlocks. I did some digging folks, and this is what I found. Do you know what the album was titled where I found it? “I got dreads so I don’t have to shower anymore” ….heavens… I’m so glad I ended up with a husband. And a cool one at that.


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