Eucalyptus Oil: An Evidence Based Podcast

Dan and I seem to find ourselves in the middle of many things. One example is our involvement with essential oils. Many people find this perplexing because Daniel is a physician, and as a physician wouldn’t that put us in the “modern medicine camp”? On the opposite side, some of our friends that do swing more towards modern medicine draw assumptions that maybe we are uneducated or a little too spiritual, using the word “placebo” to write off any efficacy and we are put in the “natural-crunchy-hippie camp”. We realized that we do not belong in any camp a while ago. We are perfectly OK with this.

This question of what camp we belong in is actually perplexing to us and a little frustrating. The idea that you need to choose one frame of thought is extremely limiting and can actually hold you back from discovering truth. We seek to find the best solutions for our family according to each situation. Let’s take my recent bout with Mastitis as an example. This, unfortunately, was not my first rodeo with mastitis. I have had it countless times with both children. I have also figured out many ways to combat it that do not involve antibiotics. However, sometimes I have needed antibiotics and in those times we are extremely thankful to have that option. In addition to the antibiotics, we are thankful for probiotics that I can easily take at the same time to help reduce the harmful effects that come along with the antibiotic. I am most specifically meaning the toll that antibiotics take on my gut flora.

The question we often pose to people who are confused by us, is, “why does it have to be one or the other?”. If  the best solutions are found in a mix of both camps, why not utilize both?

This post has been a long time coming because we once again find ourselves in the middle of another set of camps. As essential oils have grown in popularity over the past several years many opinions have surfaced as to how they should be used. The traditional aromatherapy community has taken a very active stance against he misuse and overuse of essential oils and, to be blunt, targets the emerging mainstream and everyday essential oil users. These new oils users feel that the benefits of essential oils are amazing and should be fully embraced, and they do not feel they are compromising safety or misusing oils. So, the issue is, what constitutes as misuse and who gets to decide that? Currently there is no governing body and there are no true medical authorities deciding dosages, efficacy or safety. In fact, the FDA recently sited several essential oil company affiliates for making claims that essential oils acted like drugs, because they are categorized as supplements.

Here-in is the heart behind the podcast. We are not hear to make claims, give dosage recommendations or even promote the use of essential oils. Instead, the basis of this (very new) podcast is to present the evidence (in it’s entirety), so that you can understand and decide for yourself. We began with eucalyptus because it seems to be one of the most controversial oils, so why not jump right in.

We are still working on the format and best way to present and publish it, but for those of you who have been patiently waiting… here it is:

Can I worn you, that it is dry. Like so dry… For those of us not science minded, it’s 2 hours of needing to take peppermint breaks. However, it is thorough. This is something that is so needed, especially in this era of “blog it and believe” it on BOTH sides of the essential oil spectrum.

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